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Arenal Volcano Park

There are 2 volcanoes in this national park – Arenal and Cerro Chato. Arenal used to be Costa Rica’s most active volcano whereas Cerro Chato is completely dormant. In 1968, an unexpected eruption, destroyed the towns of Tabacon and Pueblo Nuevo and killed 87 people. It was one of the worst natural catastrophes in Costa Rica. While this Volcano is still active, after 42 years of continuous eruption, it has entered a resting phase. Enjoy a three-hour guided hike at the base of Costa Rica's most famed attraction and see the remains of the massive 1968 eruption. Along the way, you will be able to spot wildlife and enjoy beautiful views.
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Arenal Observatory Lodge Trail

Built by the Smithsonian Institute to study the Arenal Volcano, the Lodge has become one of the most popular hotels in the area. A stay at this rustic lodge gets you up close & personal with Arenal. It’s extentsive grounds and trails are now available to tourists as a resort day pass or a simple hiking pass, the Lodge offers access to over 5 miles of hiking trails and some of the best walks the area. There are lengths and levels for all ages and an awesome waterfall trail as well.