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Arenal Volcano Park

There are 2 volcanoes in this national park – Arenal and Cerro Chato. Arenal used to be Costa Rica’s most active volcano whereas Cerro Chato is completely dormant. In 1968, an unexpected eruption, destroyed the towns of Tabacon and Pueblo Nuevo and killed 87 people. It was one of the worst natural catastrophes in Costa Rica. While this Volcano is still active, after 42 years of continuous eruption, it has entered a resting phase. Enjoy a three-hour guided hike at the base of Costa Rica's most famed attraction and see the remains of the massive 1968 eruption. Along the way, you will be able to spot wildlife and enjoy beautiful views.
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El Castillo-Arenal Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory, in El Castillo, has one of the largest butterfly exhibitions in Costa Rica. There are six domed habitats, a frog exhibit, an insect museum, a medicinal herb garden, and an hour’s worth of trails through a botanic garden and along the river. The birding is also excellent here, and there are wonderful volcano views. Fun and Educational.
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Tenorio National Park

Tenorio National Park has everything you could want in a tropical forest natural area and is the gateway to the world-famous sky blue, Rio Celeste waterfall. The hanging bridges in the rainforest and trail to Lago Danta through the cloud forest from the Heliconias entrance are equally amazing.

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Volcan Arenal, Sector Peninsula National Park

Offered as a bonus when you tour the Arenal National Park, the Peninsula trail is a flat paved trail that leads to gorgeous views of Lake Arenal and the Volcano. Easily accessible to all ages. It is a wonderful spot for young children and those with limited mobility.
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Bogarin Trail

This is a unique urban park, with two kilometers of walking trails located in the heart of La Fortuna town, this beautiful oasis is home to colorful birds and toucans, parrots, boat billed herons, sloths, poison dart frogs and more. The trail is flat and easy for all ages. Friendly guides like the owner Giovanni Bogarin, are alert to wildlife and knowledgeable.
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Sloth Territory La Fortuna

Sloth's Territory trail extends along the La Havana River and is surrounded by a natural rain forest teeming with wildlife, Birds and Sloths The trail is accessible for all ages, so this is an activity where the whole family can enjoy it.
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Eco Zoo (Serpentarium)

Arenal Eco Zoo, boasts one of the best collections of reptiles and amphibians to give you a controlled glimpse of Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems. Hold a python, let a butterfly land on your hand, and admire gigantic spiders and colorful frogs. The Staff is kind and extremely knowledgeable.
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La Fortuna Waterfall

This splendid 70 meters high waterfall, requires visitors to navigate approximately 530 steps, but there are several comfortable areas for rest along the way and the This steep path is well worth the effort. Once in front of the waterfall, you may take a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the Fortuna river. There is no swimming directly below the falls.